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Since 1972 I have had more ups and downs than most. That was the year I returned home from Vietnam after two tours of combat: U.S.Navy. I had it better than many, until that is, I disembarked from my return flight home after my second tour. I was spit on in the airport in San Francisco. Whether a good or bad thing for the skinny kid who did it he was immediately arrested. I declined to press charges so he was let off with a warning to never come back to SFO.

At that time I had about five months left on my tour of duty with the Navy and it was while I was home that I bought a Martin D-28 guitar. For those who know Martin guitars this was before the truss rod in the neck became an integral part of the D-28. I still have and still play that guitar and it quickly became my therapist as I wound down from combat.

This is about music and the playing of guitar and PTSD; all rolled into one little website. It is also about America and what is going on now. Things do not bode well for America and some are beginning to realize this. Hopefully,before it is too late but that time is coming fast in so many ways that most aren’t aware of America’s weakness on the world stage. Her vulnerability. Her mixed up and perverted left who arranged all this starting when Vietnam was rolling thunder. If you’re ready, here goes.

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