I started, musically, as a drummer. In the early sixties I was purchased a set of “Leedy” drums. Snare, base, two toms and three Zildjian cymbals. I played surf for the most part with a little garage band that had a really cool lead singer. Like so many back then, our band lasted about three months. Good memories, no girls, no booze, no plethora of talent. We just had a lot of fun.

It was when the band broke up that I bought a little gut string guitar. A “Kanora” Japanese brand. I didn’t know what a guitar was then so I just got one that worked, learned to tune it and played the drums with records when I wasn’t learning “Puff” or “Lemon Tree” by P.P. and M.. I did start playing jazz drums the same way but really loved Dave Brubeck and his jazz group. I learned to play “Take Five” just like their drummer did and that experience brought me to a rather unexpected wonder several years later and well after the service.

It was at my wedding that the band who played there, a working country/Blue Grass band found out I played drums and guitar. This was 1976 and a few months after our wedding I was asked by their mandolin player if I’d like to sit in on a session with them as they wanted to go more country western. I figured if I can play Brubeck I can play country so I sat in. It was paying gigs for almost twenty-two years after my first practice. No fame, thank goodness but fun was had by all and there were ladies. I was happily married so I did what a Christian should do, I stayed true. In that atmosphere it isn’t an easy thing to do.

All the while I was also running my own business as a subcontractor of glass and windows. You could say I stayed busy and be truthful. I thought very little about politics back then.

I write this to give a little color to this voice from nowhere you will be listening to. I’m just an old vet who made some good and some bad decisions throughout my seventy-six years. Yeah, it’s been that long and I am still in the race. How long this will last I have no idea and care little as I have made my life work through thick and thin and nobody ever gave me a dime. I worked my derriere off and got it done. Simple stuff.

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