What singing voice I have is in “G.” I got pretty good singing harmony in the band but lead vocals I passed on for the most part. Our lead guitar player had an almost perfect voice for country-western and me, well, I did harmonies, Truthfully, singing and playing drums with hands and feet moving in different ways and trying to remember all the words to a tune came reasonably easy for me. Probably because I knew the mechanics of the beat so well, be it 4/4, 2/4 or other measure.

Only a few times did I stand up in front and play guitar and sing. Hey, that wasn’t my job, folks! I thought about going on strike but gave into pressure and did Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, Cotton Jenny, and April, Come She Will about five different times over twenty years.

Looking back it was like jumping the high hurdles for me but it also garnered a modicum of confidence to get over stage fright. Much later I did some public speaking and that came almost naturally. I’m glad that I am now looking back on it because it is the hours before that make or break a performance. If you get all shaky it is over before it begins unless you can find some fortitude to calm the nerves.

My wife says I have a good voice for the songs I sing such as at weddings once in a while. I’m not going to do any opera but then, I also cannot afford the suits those singers come on stage with. Besides, in the end we get it done and then we can look back and say we gave it to our best. There’s something to say for “best.” (Not to mention “begin.”)

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