Well, I don’t know much but it seems to me that America is becoming more than just a little divided. You know, I’ve been walking, taking planes, trains and ships, or backpacking through a good portion of this country and the world for more than a few years by now. In my travels I’ve seen teamwork to stay alive and had more than a couple of arguments about what is good and what is evil. Looking back, I believe that it was the evil that brought me, in a round about manner, back to Bible study. I wanted to understand, historically, what has been said about the times we are in.

When I mentioned above, historically, it is because i know that the Bible is historically accurate but that the history the Bible speaks of receives short shrift from scholars who believe they have all the answers. I could go into how they are missing the boat but that isn’t why I began this website.

We are divided now and it appears, and I could be wrong, that what we are seeing is just a visual of many stanzas prepended by the bible. In other words, written of in black and white in Matthew in the Bible. New Testament, first book.

If this is so then we are witness to something promised in Revelations and the Old Testament. Matthew relates that we would have a, “godless generation, full of self.” I think that I have not seen such ludicrous behavior in my lifetime but for an individual here or there who flamed out rather quickly–went down in flames is another way to put it. I sometimes wonder if Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned isn’t an apt analogy to what we are now seeing. Does Biden play the fiddle?

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