Since Then

As I look out the window of my figurative loft I do not see the same world as the one I grew up in. The landscape has changed from chirping birds and sunshine to a dismal fog and impending threats to all I thought I knew as clean and just. The Trump sham trial is but one facet of this kaleidoscope of grays and blacks. Furthermore, this stems from but one segment of our society poisoning the well of culture with lies, innuendo, and unjust slurs against any who maintain a singular opinion of righteousness. War is looming and it will be one of cultural norms, if not outright violence.

To be sure, this world has never been a loving place. It is a world of war interrupted by times of peace. Small tidbits of the grace that could have been for us living together and sharing Earth’s bounty with love and said grace. This is the stuff of fairy-tales to all of us now. We are bent inward toward self-preservation and reactionary impulses of joy through self indulgence. A sad state of affairs for beings on a planet that is positioned so perfectly as to allow us to exist at all. It isn’t the little things it is the “Grand Scheme” that gives us life and, therefore, a chance to excel at living together on this wonder of wonders we call Earth. We don’t see the obvious and instead grovel amongst the detritus left by our own follies. We are not looking beyond ourselves toward that exigence from which life began. Necessity for life. Why is there life at all in this dead universe?

The question I ask is why all of this now. The only place I find an answer is in prophecy but the Bible is also shoved into closets or hidden under concrete and asphalt. We speed by and over the reality of reason and understanding to get to someplace of comparative peace and joy all the while knowing that strife is growing and there is nothing we can do about it.

Since the beginning, whenever you think that was, we have been at each other for some unreasonable theory or supposed insult based on ourselves and not on truth. Truth is fleeting and is easily manipulated by those who rule. Whether it is a gang or a country, self-rule always degrades into anarchy. Time is not an objective rule of sustainability. Imperfection is a guarantee of failure and, my friends, we are all imperfect and the wages of sin is death. But, there is also hope and that hope is not of this world of ours. I learned this long ago and since then I have found a place of reasonableness and safety. Not safety in this life but in the infinite wisdom of creation. How trite an ending to this many words, some will think. Or, do these detractors actually think for themselves at all?

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