Likes and Dislikes

I’ve met more people that I like or enjoy than those I care not a wit for. I find it difficult to dislike a person as I am fully aware that this boat we are in is on the same course for all of us. Looked at another way, if a person is reasonable with me I return it to he or she. To dislike is a waste of energy so I just remove that person from my phone book and move along down this winding road.

I feel the same way for other countries. If we are damaged, as in 9/11 or Pearl Harbor, I don’t, in turn, dislike the people from that part of the world. I find it easier and I like to smile more than frown. This isn’t to say that I “trust” some of those people as trust is a thing I give sparingly. Do I trust people I don’t know or those I will never in my lifetime meet? Only as far as allowing them to prove to me that they are trustworthy but I’m not going to let them take care of my children for even an hour.

Vietnam had me disliking the Vietnamese as a whole but I grew weary of making decisions of life and death even after I returned home. It was that war that turned me into whatever I am now and for the most part that is a weariness that few understand. I tend to not want to socialize because I have seen the insides and outside of too damn many once living individuals. I have seen more than a human being should ever have to see and that has taken a huge chunk of “frolic” from me. It is also the reason I turned to the Bible for surcease and that is where I found surcease; not on a psychiatrists couch.

The Bible is here for all of us and it was written by God. That is a thing few choose to try to understand as it is much easier to just call it a comic book and move on. The Bible, if we let it, will tell us that not a single one of us is more special than the other in any way that matters to God. When you consider this rationally, it follows that He who created us is also the one who knows us best. Even better than we know ourselves and that is the lesson I learned because I resolved to listen to the words of He who made all of us and this wonder of wonders we have the distinct honor to live on. Take nothing for granted because when payment is due it will be taken whether we are ready or not.

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