Trump Indictment

I am not a political person but neither am I living in a cave deep inside some old and worn out gold mine. In a perfect world we wouldn’t need politics because we would all agree on righteousness. In this sickening world, though, it is no surprise that Trump is indicted by his progressive enemies who have been looking for a way to stop him since 2016. The average American is neither progressive nor allowing themselves to be taken for a ride by liars if they can possibly help it. There are always a few who need to be nefarious to hide their own sins. Levying problems on others while they sit back, laugh, and try to fool everyone else.

Trump is going nowhere unless he is put in jail. That could still occur but it would be a monumental mistake as this will prove what many of us have known all along. That we are pawns on the board of World Politics as supported by progressives. It also is in keeping with prophecy that this world will fall apart in the last days and Kings will fall. Nations will also fall right along with said Kings. The bright side is that prophecy also tells us that these things must happen to bring this world of ours to its final sputtering death. Not our planet, but our forms of government, corporations and all that ties our minds to hate as One is coming to rule Heaven and Earth if He is not already here. My guess is that He is in Heaven ruling there and awaiting His Father’s time to end all of this. As He stated two thousand years ago, “Only my Father knows the day and the hour.” The day and hour this world is transformed into the goodness it was when first prepared for mankind. God keeps his word and He gives us prior warning in His book, the Bible. Pay it heed.

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