Novelists have much to say about wisdom as concerns wizards or fictional royalty or an old man in a tower looking down on the masses and wondering that the masses cannot see the world as he does. Old men are supposed to have garnered wisdom through trial and error and the first thing these old men find is that being an intellectual does not equal wisdom. Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb, is an example. Did he fully realize what he was doing to the citizens of the world for all time? The stupid thing to say is, “Well, someone would have done it.” Wipe that smug set of mouth right off your face!

Through the ages men have sought wisdom while it would seem that women knew it was not available to most men. It is an odd dichotomy. Wisdom is not a product of thought but one of knowing. Intrinsically understanding what works and what does not work throughout the human experience and wisdom has no age parameters. A for instance is that some people understand that some things will probably not work. Like jumping off a cliff and thinking it will be fine if you land just so. When something does not work they don’t anger, they take a step back and blame no one for a failure other than themselves. It could be that “hard lessons” are the seeds of wisdom.

Then again, there is one parameter which must follow a hard lesson and that parameter is to learn from one’s mistake. To always be open to learning no matter how set one is in their ways. As we age it gets harder to learn so that leaves old men in a pickle at times. I can hear myself mentally ruminating that I should have known better than to try this or that and ended up cut and bleeding. “When will I ever learn!?”

What did I learn? Not to hold the cutting edge of a scissors against my thumb and press hard to make it slice through the tape on a box from Amazon. I knew better but I have always said that I can still learn if I do not close my mind in stubborn cockiness. No stitches required as my wife is a nurse. I think the baseball bat she held after bandaging my thumb was a little over the top but I learn a little each day and still I am not wise. Could it be that true wisdom is only in God’s realm of knowledge?

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