Try as I might I cannot understand what normalcy is. Certainly, it isn’t a blanket statement of life’s conditions on our planet. Pardon me, but I seem to consider all of us on this planet as just trying to eek out a life. That’s when I began to consider the odds against normalcy. It then fed into the thought I’ve long held concerning imperfection of the human race and that led me straight back to the Bible and what that book tells us of our lives after Eden.

I’ve been accused, justifiably, of taking much to long a view of humanity. Now, I disregard evolution because it doesn’t work other than as an interesting theory to explain what is not the case. The case being, simply, that this universe, and in turn us, were created by a superior mind. I mean, if we’re going to even consider our times as, “a glitch in the matrix,” why not consider the actual, and unexplainable by science, reality of how we got here? I then go down the path of everything we know being relative to where we are from, Earth. Is there any proof that what we have here which allows us life is the same in all this vast universe? If we were from the planet Xanax would we have gravity or would we be “floaters” in the atmosphere thinking all the universe is just like us. I have no idea so I keep my powder dry. And what would our atmosphere on Xanax be made of? How about Helium? (Shrug.)

Normalcy is just another invention of a grouping of letters expressing an ideal in many languages but even then each culture nuances their language in different ways. Normal to me is not normal to them. I am certain that a “normal” day in China or Yugoslavia is not a normal day to a Hawaiian, much less one who lives in North Dakota.

Now, relativity is a word I am fond of. It allows discourse and a meeting of minds rather than a stoic and unbending set of scientific principles. We need science of course, I love science to a point. That point being when science is turned on its head by politics. Proof is thrown out for conjecture and shaky political necessity which is only a necessity to those who have turned everything into a political motif. Ah, then there is speculation. We can speculate all we want and that may be the root of the need to label anything as normal. Normal is as normal does and the “does” is infinite, yet Earthbound.

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