A Shot in the Ovation

About one year ago I bought an Ovation guitar. A six string with Koa top and fiberglass body and Rosewood finger board. There are two versions: One is American made and costs thousands and the other, which I purchased, is, unfortunately, made in China. With case, one thousand dollars. It is, however, a quality build and plays exquisitely and sounds wonderful.

I had no idea what I would get but I found a man through the website, “Reverb,” who offered to hand pick an Ovation and get it to me. He would check for workmanship and play-ability and send me the best he could find. Well, to say the least, I took quite a chance.

Now, I have a few guitars, one a Martin D-28 and one a Guild F40-J 12 string, and an old Stetson parlor guitar from the 1920s. When I received the Ovation I was stunned. It sounds better than I imagined and plays so darned easy that it makes me sound good. I decided to buy an amp which I thought a stretch because I have always played acoustic guitars. The amp is really wonderful. It is a Fender acoustic amp, small and compact, with all I need should I play for others at any time.

I won’t go so far as to recommend buying an Ovation, sight unseen, as I did. I believe I lucked out as this Ovation is a tremendous guitar and, like anything else in life one might buy sight unseen, is taking a big chance.

Every guitar I have has been played before purchase including the Martin. The Martin is tamed or let loose depending on how it is picked or strummed. It needs no amplification! The Ovation I plug in on occasion but its sound is bright with rich bass tones. Surprisingly good to play and hear played. If my wife approves then it is good and she loves me to play it while she sits and reads. It is that part of my life where I feel relaxed and at one with the cosmos. At least, for a brief pause, I am separate from the world.

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