In My Life

It’s a Beatle’s song that I have learned to finger pick: “In My Life.” I’ve been playing it a lot to work out a finger picking that included the notes to the words themselves. Kind of a harmony, so to speak, with the vocal. While working on it I realized that it is probably one of the all time great songs. “Some are dead and some are living.”

What came to me a few minutes ago is that it is hinting at not putting off till tomorrow what can be done today. This is my take but yours may be different and that is just ducky with me as it is probably my era which is dead now. That to is just fine as we can’t retain that which is sacred any longer. You see how I go down the proverbial rabbit hole when I put notes and lyrics together?

It also made me consider redemption and forgiveness. Two things I am very familiar with as the realization that I needed forgiveness as much as those I offend need to be forgiven instead of chastised came surging to the surface of consciousness. Forgive today for tomorrow may never come, is the way I put it.

At my age there is no time for grudges as they demean a person and take them down into a very dark and sullen place. A hole with no bottom except death.

Well, pardon me for my philosophical disgorging but it bears thought for most of us. Besides, one becomes much more chipper when not carrying a pant load of hate.

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