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I recall it was in the 1970s that people began saying, “Don’t put your labels on me!” At that time I kind of thought of this as just another ploy to be hip. I thought that way for a couple of years and then began to realize why some would say that. Now, that was fifty years ago, give or take. With the current climate of political everything, ad nauseam, I understand why this was so. Why no one wanted other people to refer to them with some label or other to put them neatly into a political box. It was an effort to dehumanize and cause subservient behavior.

My generation was called, “Baby Boomers.” I have always rejected being called anything but a human being, or a man, if we got down to the micro level. Now there are labels for behavior, tendencies, or behaviors. Too many of those behaviors are destructive to the human spirit what with pronouns being bandied about as though we are something we are not.

Life should be simple, but it isn’t, and the negative of this is that we are at each other’s throats in ways that are also destructive and it is all politics with an end game of subservience to the new, “Ruling Class Wannabes.” Who are these new groups? They are socially disturbed people. People instructed incorrectly to create sickly green pawns on a chess board.

Well, first on the list is no belief in God. God is in their way and so He must be removed from social discourse. The most these people will admit to is some motive force somewhere in the realm of invisibility. God is a personal force. He exists as surely as you and I exist. We are sure we exist, right? How do we come to be?

This is the question for which the answer is older than we are and that answer has always been. It is just that this answer, should we choose to understand it, has requirements of comportment that we are instructed to follow. In this is the friction. Simply, following rules of proper comportment and, thus, we have levied the label of the day should you choose to believe through understanding that there is more to that invisible realm than the label makers choose to understand.

If we are to be subservient then there is One to whom we should be subservient and that One is not of a political nature and that One is also the force behind the fact of all life. He needs no labels and has even chosen to obscure His true name as human beings in these times, say, the last 5,000 years, have chosen to attempt to erase Him and His creation. What did we expect would happen if we stepped on and sullied His creation the way we have? It’s a good question and the answers have been provided for those who seek them out.

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