Doing It Over

I consider, at times of quietness, how many things I would love to do over. My main thrust is, of course, combat as life since has been a cake walk in comparison, despite difficulties that have arisen. I ask myself, on rare occasions, if I would do the same again. If I would again enlist and go to war. I hear others express this sentiment now and again but it is fruitless and a waste of mind.

Once done there are no “do-overs.” Of course, I don’t have to tell you this because you are fully aware of that impossibility. So, I wonder what the fools under thirty are going to say if they reach seventy. How many do-overs do they think they have left? You cannot do it over and this is a thing I say over and over. If they succeed in bringing down our nation what will they say then? I can already hear the obfuscation of how they didn’t know any better or that they were lied to; ad infinitum. There are no do-overs just as there is no I in supporting a free country.

It is almost a day of reckoning now as this world and time are on a collision course. Time is getting thin so that you now can see through it to the end of this road where lies a steep drop off with nary a warning sign of our impending demise.

It is why I pronounce my faith and follow Scripture as much as I do. We are in serious times of future turmoil and it grows like a shadow at sunset; bending over obstacles and stretching out toward a future of chaos where it ends a millimeter over the cliffs edge. A time of sorting our belief system in search of hope. It is there but it is under the mantle of too busy or, don’t believe.

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