-The Newest Sport-

How best to take advantage of Americans. It is new and it is catching on fast. Everywhere from “Fly Over” country and coast to coast politicians are learning or becoming professionals at ripping off the American public.

  • The Loophole – Many are the laws that govern Americans. Local, county, state and federal. All of these laws are said to be protection for all citizens against crime. What if you’re not titled a criminal but instead, titled a politician? Well then, all bets are off and, after all, what are the citizens going to do with all the money we tax them?
  • We know better – how to spend their money and if we tax them in nefarious enough ways we can have all their working capital. They shouldn’t complain as we have this overweight and bodacious bureaucracy to feed.I t is the bureaucracies fault not we, the politicians.
  • Not in the Past – It wasn’t this way when I was growing up. We paid minimal taxes and of course our parents complained about it but that was nothing, nothing compared to now.

It’s a rotten country now and D.C. and that bureaucracy are not our friends. They have become our enemies but they try to be subtle about it by nice speeches and pointing out how rotten the public is with all the public’s anti-this and anti-that. From color to trans, to gay to just about anything they can have put in print to brow beat us into submission. And if that doesn’t work they are now vomiting DEI on our military. We were warriors and never sociologists. If a man cannot defend himself or our country the America is over.

Trump can, I believe, begin the years long fix it will take to bring America back to strength. It won’t happen in just four years as it has been one hundred years of termites on the left eating America’s foundations. Stop electing garbage and hoping things will get better. It just gets more and more fetid. Right, AOC? Schumer? Pelosi? Biden? Huh?

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If It Ain’t Simple . . . Trump Indictment Foundations
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