On High

Long ago I stood at the lookout point above Half Dome in Yosemite. A place from which you get a rather pinched look at the entirety of the valley there. It is magnificent made even better as it was in the winter and snow blanketed everything but the trees. A wonder to behold and, in my opinion, a gift given by He who created all we have on this planet.

It was from here that I got a glimpse of how wonderful this little planet is but it also made me consider our place on this planet. I’ve written before about the two words: infinity and eternity and how it is that we even have a concept for those words. As far as I am aware, there is no one who has seen or even approached the eternal or infinite. I wonder if it isn’t just an expression of wanting. If that is the case then what is it we want?

I can testify how short life is and on my end how quickly it flew by. One year I was in combat and the next facing those two words from my figurative loft. It flies, does time and there are so many things I wish I’d done. Yet, thoughts of those things I did not do shrink in comparison to what I have done now. Just to be married and have children is probably enough for one life. To have gone through what I did and come home unscathed is luck beyond imagination. Except that I do not believe in luck.

For reasons I cannot explain “luck” is the antithesis of eternity or infinity. Luck is a waste of mind as it does not exist. Circumstance exists and beyond circumstance is the unknown. How we manage to get through to a long life is unexplainable and those who try to explain it fall pitifully short of their goal.

There is more, much more to what we have be being given life. Some say that the way we live our lives equals the circumstance of actually seeing eternity or infinity. At least, that is my belief system and it is one which precludes many things people are doing now. Things like assailing children with false teachings of biology or men in women’s sports. These are also an antithesis of reality and are also guarantors of no eternity for those who teach this bilge.

Looking out from this figurative loft is a luxury of time. It took me a number of different roads to get here and none of those roads were super highways. They were bumpy and rutted with washouts and flat tires. It wasn’t easy at any time as I look back. But, it was worth every second.

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