If It Ain’t Simple . . .

Math was always an effort for me. Until college that is, when a professor asked me to stay after class to see if he could help me. As math was not my forte I was taking college algebra and having a dunce of a time with quadratic equations. The same for valence and co-valence in chemistry. Figuring out how electrons worked in chemical combinations.

He asked me a few pertinent questions and then told me a thing that was so simple I went from D’s to A’s in all math studies. It was simply that you can’t look at an equation in whole to solve it. It is a combination of two numbers at a time, then, move on to the next and the “next” included variables from A-X with a little square root thrown in to add to my confusion. It took me less than a couple of days and voila, I had it down; both math and chemistry.

I look at life and especially this social B.S. of trans the same way. Simple biology and that makes all these rank smelling arguments go bye-bye. Ten years ago no one had heard of trans. Suddenly, and on the heels of other stupid belief systems like “GREEN,” we are sacrificing children’s well being for political pornography.

Let’s go back to teaching algebra and chemistry, one two number operations at a time, and see if we can’t get back to family life like it was in the fifties. There was none of what we are being fed today. We went to church and worked and took two week vacations and cars were relatively cheap as was gas. Less than $.50 cents a gallon. Five bucks could fill your tank. That isn’t so bad, is it?

Oh yeah, and we were all bloody racists back then! Except, we weren’t in any way. History has a way of being subjugated by morons who know only enough to blow their noses to get rid of residual and snot and coke. Let’s stop this crap in its tracks. What say you?

Trump, and never again a Democrat when Trump sets things right again. That is my, “For What It’s Worth,” article.

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