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It’s a people place, the internet. An electrified society wherein people can be themselves or someone else and that is what separates the internet from society. An awful lot of people went to prison for pretending to be a person they weren’t. The odd thing with the internet is that people not being themselves seems to go down the path of subterfuge. This is the case especially if a person is not comfortable with who they are and that brings another nasty facet of what the internet does, though this is the fault of those who use this medium. It is never the medium which can be used as an excuse. Our choices are our own.

Choice is a gift. Choice can also be called “freedom of will.” Our freedom of will allows us to do right or wrong and the same for those in Heaven above. This is why, and you can guess who, destroyed all they had to have people of the earth worship Him. Even the devil has free will and we know, or should know, what he is doing to us on Earth now.

He is pushing many away from worship of God and causing others to go to extremes unwarranted except in their addled brains. He’s a slick joker is the devil. We wonder why there is so much filth of image and mind on this medium and you need look no further than the free will of other entities. The fact that we can’t see them does not mean they don’t exist. Like us, you can see from their actions and influences on a weaker being; us, who is manipulating all we know now.

It isn’t me saying this, it is prophecy written a few thousand years ago and never paid attention to in our busy lives. Perhaps it is time to read a little? Matthew 24-26 is a good starting place.

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