Few are they that consider the law not to apply to them. We find that most laws were written and placed on the books to stop or insure against human exploitation or death. Many are also for the common good and all of these are not obeyed by a few. Obedience of the law is what has allowed all of us to get where we are and we are not speaking of international law. But, there are other laws in, not on, the book from which most of our law has been garnered. The Bible and God’s law. Odd to consider that it is not our law that is predominate but this is indeed the case and it doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not.

Law, as delivered to us from God, had ten basic tenets and those were laws to reconcile disagreements or to stop disagreements from happening in the first place. “Thou shalt not kill,” is one of these laws not written by man but written by God on stone tablets which is where we get the saying, “It is written in stone.”

We don’t know all the particulars of exactly how this event transpired but we know why this event transpired and that was to benefit us as a social group of imperfect individuals who are head strong and short sighted. That ability to be fatally short sided is in evidence now the world over and, in truth, this has always been the case. But for some. Eventually, God’s people, the Hebrews, were passed over when Jesus came. He is denied as Savior by that faith in most cases or relegated to the station of some prophet. Now we have Christianity in which those and other laws are supposed to be tantamount to the way we live our lives. This is rare and this world is showing its frayed edges due to this alone. This disobedience to both sets of laws. Human law is negated when it treads on God’s law and we are reaching a point where this may well happen.

When, not if, this happens death will come to Christians who deny God, God’s law or deny His Son, Jesus. It isn’t me saying this it was God through Jesus and God’s prophets. Either way you look at this world it will always be that God’s law brings salvation and everlasting life and our laws may bring death to the faithful. It is so written and so it shall be.

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