I’d been a young boy when I watched the fleet come into San Francisco Bay the first time: around 1958. The carrier, U.S.S. Intrepid and her fleet of destroyers and auxiliary ships. My enlistment was 1968 and 9/11 was yet far in the future. I recall that it had been a foggy morning, typical of SF, that was just breaking when those ships came under the Golden Gate. I was awestruck and knew then that the Navy would be my calling should I ever have to go to war.

I was correct in joining the Navy as being at sea was incredible to me. Nothing on the horizons for months and heavy seas were my element. Sea legs were quickly achieved and the food, though not great or epicurean, was far from awful. It wasn’t long before I made E-4 and then E-5 (corporal and Sargent in land forces, Army, Marines, Air Force.)

Vietnam was another animal of a different breed. It was calmer in the Gulf of Tonkin and we were far north off Haiphong Harbor, North Vietnam. We provided air support for all forces plus missile defense or shore bombardment if necessary. I ended up a radar man and quickly elevated to electronic counter measures (ECM) which required an F.B.I. investigation to become cleared for Secret, later Top Secret-Need to Know. I didn’t know the burden that would impose at the time but a burden it became afterwards as I knew more about operations and raids than I wanted to. I heard the lies said about us in movies and the liberal (Progressive?) press.

My first post is about my coming home but I will go into current events on a regular basis as we now have a pathetic and traitorous president, cabinet and government. I know this from experiencing Vietnam and paying attention to what goes on ever since. I will speak more on this when warranted plus a little about the music I love from Chopin to Beatles. Stay tuned.

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